Avery received a gingerbread kit for her birthday. She made the whole thing by herself. She did a pretty good job I think. We are hoping she will pursue a career as a general contractor.

Christmas Cards.........

I made about 15 versions. I couldn't decide. Here was my favorite, but I was having problems with my computer and couldn't get it right. So I settled for a Costco card. I am not happy. I wanted this 1st one! Here are some others I liked too.

The Biggest Loser is on tonight!

I hope that witch Vicky gets sent home. She is about as evil as they come. I should go on the biggest loser. I can just see my fatness standing in front of America on that scale. Must they make them wear a sports bra only? What is that about? I totally would not be wearing a sports bra up there! What if it got cold?! So, should I apply? I have about 50lbs to lose. Seems impossible. Derek, being the loving husband that he is bought me a gym membership. How thoughtful. I can't take Liam b/c he has to be 6 months old. So......when would I go? Never! Yep, you got it! I have never been. There is never a time that I don't have all the kids with me. I have lost 32 lbs since Liam was born, but I am still in the same size. How does that happen? I don't get it. I would be afraid to get Jillian as a trainer. She would kick my bootie. We would have words, and lots of them. I would rather have Bob. We are distantly related anyway, he wouldn't be mean to family right?

Snow? Really? In Texas?

NO! They keep saying we will have snow today. I don't believe it. It only snows about once a year, usually in February! Avery will want to go out and play in the snow. That's not a good idea, as I have yet to buy her gloves or a hat for the winter! Man! If it doesn't snow then I get to listen to her whine about it all day. She heard the weatherman say it was going to snow. She will expect mounds of it.


I hate nicknames. I think they are silly and juvenile. I chose names that were not likely to have a nickname. All my kids now have nicknames. Ridiculous nicknames. Make it stop. They are never called by their given names anymore. It's catching, and I find myself calling them these silly names all day long now.

Jack-Jackers Quackers-Jiggity Jackers (thanks derek)-Jack Jack-Bubba-Bubs-Bubbie
Avery- Ave- Ave Ave-Ree Ree (thanks to Jack)- Heebs (don't ask)-Heebie (again, don't ask)
Liam-Liam Screeeam-The Little Liam (repeated 3 times, again thanks to Derek)-LC (guess who)


How does one get two children to sleep in the same room? It is beyond me. No matter how it's done, Jack always wakes up. When Jack wakes up.....he doesn't go back to sleep. That means I don't go back to sleep. Even with a box fan and a ceiling fan on, Jack wakes up if you even breathe near him. Liam will be 4 months old on Friday. Liam sleeps through the night pretty well, but does squirm around occasionally. He does wake up sometimes to eat, but for the most part stays asleep. Jack wakes right up. He wakes up SCREAMING. Ear piercing screeeches! Liam is still sleeping in his bassinet in the living room. I don't know what to do. Liam will sleep through anything. Jack will not! I give up.

My baby girl is 4! I am in shock! We had a small party for my side of the family. There were a couple of people there. Avery is VERY excited about her birthday party next week at Nonna's house.
Frosty the snowman-OK, it's actually Liam, but close enough! Look at his rosy red cheeks! He is the cutest, fattest little thing! Thanks to a very sweet BHB momma for this outfit!

Jack is a happy boy. He laughs non stop. He now holds his fat little jelly belly when he laughs. He is pure joy! Who could have a bad day when Jackers Quackers is around?

What I learned from the BHB........(so sad it's ending)

  • It is possible to get a years worth of diapers for almost free!
  • Amazon and Target have "price errors" frequently!
  • Target hates coupons
  • Wal-mart is a big NO NO
  • CVS practically pays you to walk out with stuff!
  • Formula feeding exclusively is apparantly pretty popular!
  • Disneyworld is a must
  • Gymboree IS an addiction w/some moms
  • Stockpiling is OK
  • Not to take anything personal
  • ERF is BEST! SO glad I learned this!
  • It IS possible to get free groceries
  • Character shirts and light up shoes are a no no

Bah Humbug!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Christmas. This year......not so much. I don't know why, but I am just not feeling the spirit. I am really trying to get into the holidays, but it's really hard. Maybe it's the economy. Maybe it's because my side of the family has no traditions. Maybe Derek and I should start our own traditions for the kids. Have any suggestions?